About Us

Who we are

D2L.sg is a regenerative business led by founder Lin QingHui and a team passionate about sustainability. Together with our network of community partners and over 300 rescuers islandwide, we're all committed to less waste and doing good for a more sustainable future. Our values of inclusiveness, honesty, transparency, creativity, credibility guide everything we do to make a real impact towards zero waste.

''We just can't bear to see good food go to waste!''

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From passion to Impact

Our Journey

  • Founded as a ground up initiative

    January 2021

  • Partnered Goodhood.sg

    May 2022

  • Helped clients win SG Eco Fund

    November 2022

Today, thanks to HfC, D2L.sg leverages technology and data to provide businesses with greater control over their surplus, and at the same time translate their surplus into environmental and social impact. By fostering a circular loop where all surplus food goes to its highest and best use, D2L.sg creates ecosystems of food circularity.

  • 441.6M litres water saved
  • 600+ tonnes surplus food diverted
  • $7.1 million money saved
  • 3114 tonnes CO2 emissions prevented
  • 60 merchant partners
  • 300+ rescuers recruited
  • 10,000 families benefited
We are the only company that collects all food types to achieve zero food waste

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