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About Us

Our D2L logo is the fusion of D,2 and L. It signifies our continuous journey in diverting items away from the bin towards zero waste.

Our path is never a smooth sailing one, but we strive ahead, navigating dead ends and negotiating bends. We take pride in and enjoy the journey of bringing life to death, rescuing unsellable items otherwise binned, as personified by the green and terracotta leaves.

When viewed together, they also symbolise a butterfly effect, where our actions, whilst small, precipitate change for the better around us.

Colours of dark brown, warm terracotta and green symbolise our inter-connectedness with the environment.

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This is the official site of Divert for 2nd Life – D2L, a zerowaste food rescue group based in Singapore. D2L provides the website as community service to the public and is not responsible for any information contained in other duplicate or unofficial websites in its name.