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Why D2L?

Win-win Partnership

How we can help you

Our main mission is zero waste. If unsellable items are eventually for your staff’s own use, or if you have an existing network you distribute through, that’s great! However if such items are too many for your team to handle for whatever reason, we are happy to help, so that nothing goes to waste.

To quantify the amount we rescue, we record the weight rescued from each location after each collection. This data can be shared with you to help you towards optimised inventory planning and operational processes.

Where do the items go

We partner with a homegrown local app, to decentralise our surplus food and food waste diversion across Singapore. This cuts down carbon footprint of travelling afar to meet up for an item, as they can request from listings near them. In general, we share saved items with anyone who appreciate rescued food and wants to do their part to reduce food waste.

We are also open to distribute saved food with the community/beneficiary of your choice. These include but are not limited to those who can make use of it to raise awareness of food waste, needy/low income/retrenched families, single moms, rental flat residents, migrant workers and others who have fallen through the cracks, etc. Some of the rescuers are beneficiaries themselves, and are also passionate enough about reducing food waste and sharing food with others who need it as well.

We let recipients know that the items are rescued/unsellable because of various reasons and hence through the process educate people about waste and sustainability.

We determine diversion of saved food using Food Recovery Hierarchy. If items are food unsuitable for human consumption, we channel them for other purposes, such as animal feed, eco-enzyme, educational material (eg sensory play for children, school /art projects) and composting. Basically, anywhere but the bin.

Collection arrangements

  • Businesses that have items daily for rescue (e.g. bakeries/restaurants/cafes/other cooked food places):
    • we arrange for a rescuer to be there at a certain pre-arranged time (usually at the end of the business day) to pick up the items.
  • Businesses that have a constant stream of items for rescue (e.g. fresh produce shops, grocers):
    • if the amount doesn’t warrant an everyday collection, the arrangement would typically be for a rescuer to collect every alternate day (or any other frequency determined by the business)
  • Businesses with less perishable items:
    • they will notify us whenever they have items for collection and we will arrange for our volunteers to pick them up.

Partner us towards a zero waste future!

❤️Your trash becomes delicious food, nourishing people, animals and plants❤️

❤️ Distribution in action ❤️

One of our sharing points
(items distributed that day were dried non perishable goods)

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